Contract Drafting

Contract drafting solutions help legal departments reduce the labor involved in creating high volume, routine contracts. The solutions work by typically offering a questionnaire-style interface to automatically generate contracts for lawyers to review and finalize.


HotDocs is a seamless template authoring and template deployment platform. It makes it easier for template authors, template managers, and end-users to incorporate document automation into all types of environments and workflows.


AXDRAFT offers tailored document drafting automation to in-house legal departments of companies, having 1,000 to 5,000 employees. It automates documents of its customers at no charge and roll-out in one week. Legal departments use AXDRAFT to automate certain tasks to the extent that they can be safely delegated to non-legal personnel. According to the company’s average statistics, AXDRAFTS offers 92% faster drafting, and average document drafting time in 3.7 minutes. For example, using AXDRAFT saved significant lawyers’ times for legal departments of Glovo, Louis Dreyfus Company, MHP, Carlsberg and British American Tobacco.

Contract Express

Contract Express (by Thomson Reuters) allows GCs to automate and update their legal templates. The contracts are generated by filling out Web-based forms. The software allows the automation of templates inside Microsoft Word by using markups.