Legal Research

Legal research are the search engines of the legal world, expediting what was previously a highly manual and labor-intensive process of finding information by reviewing large bodies of documents.


Fastcase is a legal research site provides a comprehensive national law library and searching, sorting, as well as data visualization tools. Fastcase also offers Docket Alarm for mining federal and state court dockets to provide litigation alerts and case-prediction analytics.


LexisNexis, part of the RELX group, provides exclusive content and public records, legal news, and business solutions, available via research tools. Solutions include Practice Advisor, Lexis Analytics, Nexis, TotalPatent One, Lexis Diligence, and State Net.


Thomson Reuters Westlaw Legal Department Core package provides access to content, including annotated statutes from all 50 states; USCA, CFR, and the Federal Register; and topical case highlights. Like Thomson Reuters Practical Law, it taps into the knowledge of more than 200 attorney editors.


Casetext provides insights into cases cited in legal documents through its AI-powered assistant CARA (Case Analysis Research Assistant). Using natural language understanding, Casetext scans the text of legal briefs to locate and analyze case citations, understanding research context and customizing results to help find on-point authorities.

ROSS Intelligence

ROSS, an AI solution leveraging IBM Watson, scans a large database of questions to provide information that is likely to be relevant to the inquiry. From its results page, users can click through the relevant snippets identified by its AI, allowing them to quickly review relevant portions of a case without opening it.

Trellis: Legal Intelligence

Blue J Legal