Legal Analytics

Legal analytics is the management process of extracting actionable knowledge from data to assist in-house legal leaders and decision-makers. This can provide insights on topics as diverse as matter forecasting, process improvement, comparative costs, billing optimization, resource management, and financial operations.

Legal Decoder


QualMet seeks to measure the business value of legal services. It enables in-house to track internal and external service providers and vendors to evaluate performance. It includes 20-plus metrics that cut across an analysis of legal quality to facilitate conversations around the quality and value of legal services by outside counsel.


UniCourt Inc.

UniCourt is used by legal departments for legal analytics and litigation trends, data entry and process automation, and real-time access to structured court data. Its services are offered through its online application and Legal Data APIs.


Clocktimizer offers a data driven analytics platform that provides insights, reporting and tools, including those for matter management, legal project management, budgeting, and pricing. It eliminates manual data input as the algorithm automatically reads and classifies time cards with an activity.