Contract Review

Pre-signature contract review takes up a large amount of lawyers’ time. Contract Review Automation (CRA) software accelerates deal closures by automating the review of high-volume and routine contracts, freeing lawyers up to focus on more strategic work.


LawGeex automates the review of everyday contracts through its AI-powered Contract Review Automation (CRA) platform, ensuring contracts are compliant with company policies. LawGeex goes beyond issue-spotting to provide true AI-powered redlining of first party and third party contracts. LawGeex is the creator, editor and publisher of the” In-house Counsel’s Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide”.


LegalSifter allows in-house counsel to find problem areas in contracts before signing. Following the uploading of a contract, the software reads and highlights any issues it finds, offering advice as to what the issues are and how they should be addressed.


ThoughtRiver pre-screening technology automates this review process by reading the contract, answering key questions and suggesting what to do next. The underlying framework of questions apply across any contract type.


Akorda expedites the contract review process. It tracks and monitors all revisions. Each change is scored for important issues and risks.Solutions are recommended from pre-approved fallbacks and previously agreed to terms. It also allows for approvals to be tracked and audited straight through the platform.


Blackboiler AI-assisted contract review speeds up the process by recommending company-specific revisions. It suggests revisions based on edits to previously reviewed contracts.