Expertise Automation

Expertise automation is the intelligent automation of legal expertise and processes to build their own legal self-help for their organizations. This can provide a route for creating partial delivery of legal services on compliance and regulatory matters.


Doxly (now part of Litera) helps corporate legal teams close deals efficiently by bringing real-time collaboration to the transaction process. Its project management tools allow legal teams to manage the transaction process through execution by helping identify and track tasks, issues, and responsible parties.


BRYTER is an enterprise no-code platform to automate decision-making knowledge. The platform’s toolbox enables experts in law, finance, tax and compliance to build, manage and sell interactive applications, without the need for programming skills.


LISA (Legal Intelligence Support Assistant) operates as a legal and commercial app to help entrepreneurs and small-to medium-sized-businesses self-help and self-serve. LISA can help parties create free non-disclosure agreements, as well as premium property-related legal contract tools for commercial lease, residential lease and lodger agreements.

Neota Logic

Neota Logic provides legal teams a set of co-code tools to rapidly build applications that automate any aspect of their services.


Libryo is an automated, cloud-based platform that helps organisations know the law that applies to their business in every jurisdiction. Libryo filters, configures and tracks unique legal registers, enabling people to navigate regulatory complexity with clarity and certainty.