Intellectual Property

Burgeoning technology is helping with invention disclosures, docketing, deadlines, filing applications, valuing IP portfolios, and budgeting.


ClearEstimator provides a baseline estimate as to the real-time value of a patent portfolio, taking into consideration the real-time status of grants, publications, abandonments and expirations. The platform also offers automated IP management and and a marketplace for patent transactions.


Specifio provides a fully-automated patent drafting service that converts attorney-drafted software method claims into a first-draft specification including system and method figures. The entire application is complete except the Background and a portion of the Detailed Description.


The TurboPatent Automated Invention Protection (AIP) solution streamlines the patent process, and is comprised of invention disclosure, drafting, prosecution and portfolio monitoring solutions.

Alt Legal


Anaqua is a provider of integrated, end-to-end innovation and IP management solutions. ANAQUA Corporate streamlines operations and enables strategic decision-making through process automation, business intelligence, and analytics. ANAQUA Law Firm increases productivity and reduces risk by simplifying workflow.


Inteum’s suite of tools helps legal teams manage all aspects of their IP portfolio including tracking technology and IP asset records, inventors, companies, agreements, and financials. The solution includes dynamic reports and customized dashboards using Analytics for Inteum.

Patent Bots LLC

Patent Bots offers automated patent proofreading to remove errors from patent applications and other prosecution filings. Machine learning models process the text of patent claims to understand textual relationships and identify errors that patent attorneys miss.


TrademarkNow NameCheck™ provides a web-based trademark management platform to conduct clearance searches and NameWatch™ to watch a trademark portfolio, including common law sources, Web Domains and word meanings. Trademark searches can also be done on a search by search basis.